Terrazzo is one of the oldest type of decorative flooring system made by embedding small piece of marble of granite in mortar followed by polishing for its timeless beauty. It is suitable for bespoke environment where design aesthetics and durability for airport and railway terminals, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, and environments where design aesthetics and durability are of paramount concern. HIEU ANH has a fully trained and equipped team to carry out full Epoxy Terrazzo systems.

Contrary to popular belief, Terrazzo isn’t just an Italian village but it is also an extremely sought-after flooring material. Mostly found in commercial properties, including hospitals and retail shops, terrazzo flooring is remarkable. Made of different types of chips, such as marble, quartz, glass or granite, terrazzo flooring offers incredible shine and smoothness.

Terrazzo flooring is durable and robust. It can quite easily last for several years. However, the only downside is that it’s pricier than other flooring options. Its installation requires the expertise and knowhow of skilled technicians. Moreover, the floor installation is a labor-intensive job.


First off, the installation company will need to make a solid concrete foundation for the floor. This will create a surface for the terrazzo to rest on. In most cases, the foundation is around 3-4 inches deep. Secondly, they will need to place divides in order to achieve the desired design. Thereafter, they place a cement mixture (colored chips) over the foundation. More chips are added as the mixture begins to settle in. Lastly, the floor is polished for an even finish.

Though widely used for commercial purposes, terrazzo is great for homes, too! Floors, bathrooms, countertops, and sinks can all be done in the medium of terrazzo.

If you can’t choose between getting a terrazzo or mosaic design for your home, remember that terrazzo creates a smooth, contemporary design. On the other hand, mosaic has a coarser look. It offers a traditional appeal.