Us – Supplier of industrial floor solutions are experts on concrete surface treatment; sharpening, removing grout, rough areas; grinding concrete polishing; grinding exposed concrete stones; scarifying concrete; shotblasting floor the coating and decorate concrete floors; scraping old coatings (epoxy paint; bricks, carpets …) ….

From beginning to end, Hieu Anh will support the survey; advisory; modeling; Construction for your concrete floor.

We work with customers of all sizes and industries, whoever you are, the quality of delivery after construction and customer service is mandatory, unchanged. Thank you for finding us. If you have a particularly demanding project, schedule or budget, we want to talk to you.

With any concerns about concrete floors, whether you want to grind; polishing or removing old coatings; or create color, decorate your concrete floor. Let us handle the job to help and wait for the results to come into fruition.

It is our sincere desire to provide you with the best quality materials and workmanship. Whether it’s a small concern or something urgent, we guarantee to provide you with great services in any case! We believe in an honest and ethical approach to our business, thereby ensuring the integrity of our relationship with customers and long-term work quality. If you are living in Hanoi, or any neighboring city, we look forward to bringing you our services.