Who we are?

We have nearly 10 years of industry experience in industrial floor surface preparation. Being a leading company in the field of concrete floor polishing. As one of the few most advanced and modern machinery and equipment investment companies; Ensuring safety, environmental friendliness, high efficiency and outstanding construction progress.

We pride ourselves on our high standard of workmanship provided by our team of experienced, highly trained and motivated machine operators and site supervisors. We constantly upgrade and improve our equipment to be in the forefront of this field.

We operate all over the VietNam and surrounding areas.


  • Grinding and prepare surfaces before applying a coating / paint / resin and tiles
  • Remove old coatings from roads and airport runways and industrial floor.
  • Remove markings from roads, highways, runways, industrial floors and more.
  • Regenerate grip and improve safety on roads and runways.
  • Remove resilient or flexible flooring materials.
  • Paint removal on almost any surface.
  • Grinding level uneven surfaces.
  • Scarifying of concrete floor.
  • Hardening concrete; dustproofs, waterproof and improves chemical, petroleum and abrasion resistance of treated surfaces.
  • Color concrete; decorate concrete floor.
  • We provide a total surface preparation service to all sectors including Health, Education, Leisure, Construction, Manufacturing, Retail, Rail and Highways.As well other resin flooring installers that outsource their “prep” work to Floor Surface Prep. Details is hospital; school; commercial center; Building; Factory; Super market ….